File Check Process Times

File verification times vary depending on the characteristics of the product purchased and the date selected.

Pixartprinting offers 2 types of verification :

  1. Automatic verification on the website immediately after uploading.
        • Depending on the weight of the file it may take a few seconds or even several minutes.
        • Always remember to press "Send" after selecting either a single file or several files.
        • Please wait for the outcome of the verification before closing the page.
  2. Verification before printing
        • A further file verification will be carried out once the order has been completed (payment + uploading)
        • We will try to be as quick as possible following the estimated delivery date you selected
        • You will always receive an email notification with the outcome in case the file is not compliant

If you requested PRO File Check & Fix service, we take care of your Design!

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !




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