Please find here what you need to know about single stickers. We offer 3 different types of adhesive plastic stickers:

  • Die cut stickers with external cut standard or custom shape (from 5x5cm to 30x50cm)
  • Sticker sheets with multiple custom kiss cuts: up to 50 custom stickers inside a standard size sheet (A5, A4, A3)
  • Kiss cut stickers with two different cuts: external and internal (from 5x5cm to 30x50cm)
    • The external cut is always quadrangolar (with rounded corners)
    • The width & height requested during the product configuration refer to the external cut
    • The inside cut must be at least 5 mm distanced from the outside one:
    1. If you order a standard shape (circle, square, rectangle), the kiss cut will be by default 5mm distanced from the margin (use the template provided)
  1.   mceclip1.png
  3.  2. In case you need a kiss cut with a standard shape but with a different distance from the margin (remind that it can't be less than 5 mm), please select custom format and create your personalised CutContour  


  1.  3.  If you order a custom format, the kiss cut could have the shape and the dimensions you want.

We provide also:

  • Domed stickers with clear resin on the surface giving the product a 3D effect
    • Minimum size 1x1 cm; maximum size 19.9 x 19.9 cm
    • These labels can be applied both indoors and outdoors (on cars, motorbikes, domestic appliances, gadget etc.)
    • Mirrored printing not suitable with the product charateristics


If you still have any doubts, please fill in the form or contact us by phone or chat. We'll be happy to help you!

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