Rigid Media

We print on different kind of rigid media both for internal or external use. Please read the description of each support available in the product page and take the chance to see how materials look and feel like through our sample pack.

We can provide customised products with direct printing process:

Product features:

  • Minimum and maximum size in one piece: depending on the material. Please read the "i" of information description to check if your item will be printed in one or more pieces with no overlap
  • Front and back printing available for some supports
  • Printed with UV technology
  • Varnish gloss coating available and highly recommended for an external use
  • Outdoor material lifetime depends on the weather conditions: up to 2 years
  • Accessories available for some products
  • Available Panel Stands
  • Rectangular or custom shape cut: preselected shapes not available, you can create the shape you want!
  • Custom shape cut may include also one second internal cut
  • If you don't need to print any artwork, just upload a white file
  • Please note that if the product dimension exceeds 500cm, you won't be able to use our template and you need to create a 1:10 scale file
  • If you need to print different graphics please note that you have to add one copy at a time to the basket, creating different jobs as many file as you need to upload (up to 20 for each order)

Please download template and instructions provided in each product page to create a print-ready file.


If you still have any doubts, please fill in the form or contact us by phone or chat. We'll be happy to help you!


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