Books and magazines

We offer a variety of books and magazines!

We offer the possibility to:

  • Choose through different kind and weight of papers
  • Personalize the number of pages
  • Choose through standard sizes or customise format when available

As regards the file please remember to:

  • Download the instruction document in order to create a perfect artwork
  • Pay attention to margins and safe distances requested, in order to avoid having elements difficult to read or too close to the binding
  • Download the template after you've configured the product, otherwise you'll work on a wrong size file
  • Use the single PDF template provided both for cover and internal pages: you'll be asked to upload one single file
  • Follow the guidelines to insert your contents correctly; in case of cover with spine you'll find it marked


If you still have any doubts, please fill in the form or contact us by phone or chat. We'll be happy to help you!

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