Sewn binding

Sewn binding is a premium publication with internal pages sewn toghether with white thread and glued to the cover.

    • Standard sizes
    • Portrait or landscape orientation
    • Binding on the left
    • Gloss and matt coated and uncoated paper available with different weights
    • Cover is laminated, choose between gloss or matt
    • 3 cover types available:
      • Laminated coated paper 300gsm
      • Laminated coated paper 300gsm with flaps (customise flap dimension)
      • Case binding with 2.5mm cardboard, printed only on the external side
    • From 48 upwards
    • Multiple of 8
    • Depending on the paper weight and type you can't exceed a maximum number of pages
    • From 200 copies upwards


    • A single PDF with both cover and internal pages in reading order
    • The template contains the entire cover laid out flat, one page for the outside and one for the inside (remember to leave the inside cover page blank in case of case binding cover)
    • Spine is marked; if you don't use the template provided, find the spine dimension while configuring the product
    • In case of cover with flaps, find them marked in the template
    • In case of case binding cover, find in the template provided all the extra margins needed already marked

Please download template and instruction to create a correct file.


  1. If you want the binding to be on the right side, you need to turn all the pages upside down (turn them with the graphic program you're using, not with Acrobat Reader after the saving or the rotation won't be applied)


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