Labels and Stickers artwork / file

For ordering roll labels or stickers, you need to select a standard format or a custom shape cut

  • Standard format: circle, square or rectangle


    • Create the artwork, there's no need for additional information
    • Use the template provided already with the dimensions selected
    • There are guidelines that will help to insert the contents
  • Custom shape format


    • Create a separate layer named "CutContour" with a vector path, this will correspond to the cutting line


    • Assign to the path a spot colour also named "CutContour" with 100% Magenta


    • Select overprint attribute only for the cut path


    • Insert the design to print on a separate layer named "artwork"
    • Please note that the Magenta line won't get printed as it is a spot colour


1) To create the CutContour you need to use Adobe Illustrator or another vectorial design program

2) More detailed directions are available in the instruction file you can download from the product page


For further information about white and mirror printing please read here.


If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help!

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