Design Services

Pixartprinting Design Service team can help you both edit and create your graphic design.

The services available are:

  • REVISION: If you already have a file but do not know how to modify it or you have a picture of the product and want to reproduce it exactly the same way, choose the Revision Service .
  • CREATION: If you want us to create your Design from scratch following your ideas, choose the Creation Service. 

How to request the Design Service?

  • You can request the Design Service directly from the product page, by clicking on the "Purchase a Design Service" button and adding the Service to the product you are purchasing.
  • You can request the service from the dedicated page if you only need graphic support. In this case, remember that the print file you will be sent will be created according to Pixartprinting's production standards and we cannot guarantee that it will be correctly printable elsewhere.

How much does the Service cost?

The Revision Service cost is £/€ 14.90 (+ vat), while the Creation Service cost is £/€ 29.90 (+vat).

Please note that for Books & Magazines the services cost depends on the number of pages of your publication: quickly get the quote directly from the product page.

Please note that:

  • The Design Service request will be taken in charge only once you have completed your order with payment and sent us all the information we need to start working on your project; pay attention to complete the order by clicking on the "complete" button and filling the form.

  • Within 24 hours a graphic designer will get in touch with you (excluding holidays and weekends)
  • If you need further information on the number of proposals/reviews included, please find more details in the Design Service page 
  • You will receive the final PDF when you have agreed the necessary changes with the graphic designer: the timing for creating the file depends on this.
  • Each Graphics Service is linked to a specific item of your order: if you need our graphics help on several files you will have to request a Design Service for each file/product you need.

If you do not find the service available for the product you want to print with us or need any clarification, please contact us !



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