Test our products

We offer the possibility to test some of our products and try our high quality print.

Try us for 1 (applicable with VAT inserted)

If you're a company or freelence, take advantage of our dedicated promo and choose one of the 4 products available (business cards, invitations, indoor and outdoor posters) paying just 1

Please note that:

  • The promotional is applicable only for the first order on account registered as "company" or "sole trader/freelance"
  • You can choose only one of the product and then add to the same basket other items (up to 15)
  • The features of the quote and the estimated delivery fdate of the promoted product can't be modified

Try our packaging for free

If you purchase only one copy of mailing boxes or cardboard packaging, you will receive a voucher (named "promocode") equal to the value of the packaging purchased, excluding VAT and shipping costs. Read the disclaimer online (https://www.pixartprinting.com/packaging/) for more details.

In this way you can create your own customised sample, printing your own graphic on the box you choose, and then proceed to order the quantity you need discounting the price you already paid for the test order.

Try our magazine for free

When purchasing only one copy with stapled, perfect, wire-o binding, paperback books or hardcover books, you will receive a voucher (named "promocode") for the value of the product purchased, excluding VAT and shipping costs. Read the disclaimer online (https://www.pixartprinting.com/printing-magazines-books-catalogues/) for more details.

Take advantage of the promo in order to see your book printed and check both the binding and your graphic project contents. Once you are ready to order the quantity you need, the price paid for the test order will be discounted just insert the promocode received.

Don't hesitate to reach out for our customer service if you need support when placing the order.

If instead you want to see what each support looks and feels like, you can order our sample packs and receive a voucher of the same value as the sample pack, VAT exclude and shipping costs, which you can use on products and/or materials contained in the sample pack purchased

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !

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