If you encounter any issue with the registration on our website please check these specifications:

  • You're not using an email address already used for another account (the email will become your username for future login)
  • Your password includes at least 1 lowercase and 1 uppercase letter, 1 digit and has 8 characters minimum length
  • You're choosing the correct type of customer (for further information please read here)
  • You're entering a valid VAT number, not already registred
  • You're correctly entering your phone number with national code

Once you've registered you can complete your profile directly from your personal area with:

  • Name
  • Billing Address (please check you're entering a valid one, helping yourself with our Google Suggestion tool)
  • Additional information


If you encounter any issue please remember to clear cache and cookie of your browser. If the issue persists, please send us a request explaining the problem: we'll be happy to help!

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