Where to find my invoice?

Invoices are available in your personal area under "YOUR ORDERS", following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Pixartprinting account using your email address
  2. Click on your name  on the top right of the home page
  3. Enter the personal area "YOUR ORDERS" section
  4. Select the specific order you're looking for
  5. You find the download button on the right side once the order is paid and the invoice is generated
  6. Download the PDF invoice

Please note that:

  • It may take some days to get the invoice generated
  • The invoice will be available only if it has been requested during the order confirmation : if you don't find it on "your orders" section it may be because you selected "I do not want an invoice"

Please contact our customer care support to provide the invoice (without VAT details)

For future orders please make sure to select "YES" at the Billing section when asked "Would you like an invoice?"

  • Reach out for our customer service if you don't find an invoice
  • If you want to edit your invoice, please write us and we'll check the feasibility with our finance department
  • If your order has been modified after payment (cancelation/Editing), you will find 3 invoice documents:
      1. Invoice for the initial amount paid
      2. Invoice for the updated price (total amount increased or decreased depending on the edit followed)
      3. Invoice (credit note) for the initial invoice paid
  • No invoice document will be sent with your order

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help!


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