What if my file is not matching during the upload?

When you upload your file, the system will launch an immediate check for page number and size, so please wait and don't change page until a notification message is shown.

If you encounter a problem with your file, a message will appear highlighting the incorrect details. You have different possibility:

  • If the 'SOS File' button appears (only available if minor changes are needed), click it and we will take care of it for free. 
  • If the 'SOS File' button does not appear, you will have to correct the file and upload it again via the 'Replace File' button. The templates available on each product page can help you to create a correct file: you can also use Designer to correctly resize your file or to create a perfect print file from scratch.
  • If you have no way to correct the file yourself our graphics team can easily help you, find out how.

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !


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