Folded Flyers

We offer Folded Flyers with predefined format and customised dimensions.



  • You need to configure the product considering the open format and orientation, not the closed one: closed dimensions will be a consequence of the open format and type of fold you choose


  • We offer different paper types and weights: you'll be able to select only materials suitable for the type of fold selected
  • Gloss or matt lamination is available depending on paper type and fold selected; soft touch lamination is not available
  • It's possible to personalise panels dimensions only in case of "custom fold", available just with one fold 4 panels option


  • Packaged without cellophane, inserted in boxes depending on product dimensions and quantity
  • You'll receive the product folded and packed closed


  • Download instruction and template in order to understand the folding process and correctly insert your contents
  • Create 1 PDF file in 2 pages in case of front and back different printing (1 page only in case of front and back same printing)
  • Template provides fold path guidelines for more help
  • Pay attention to choose the same printing orientation of your file orientation to avoid front and back printed upside down


If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !

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