I cannot upload my artwork / file

If the artwork cannot be uploaded, please make sure that: 

  1. You are preferably using Google Chrome as a browser (even though our website works fine with most of the market browsers)
  2. You cleared the “cache and cookies” 
  3. The file uploaded on the website does not exceed 1.5GB
  4. File format is .pdf, .jpeg or .tiff 
  5. The artwork has the right dimensions

In case the issue persists, please follow these steps :

      • Send a request to support@pixartprinting.com 
      • For file (max 50 MB) attached to the email/the form 
      • For File over 50 MB up to 1.5GB via WeTransfer  
      • Kindly mention the order number and rename the file with the relevant job number/name.
      • Please note that uploading the file from our end would change the estimated delivery date

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !

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