Your orders

 All your ongoing and past orders are available in your personal area.

After logging in with your credentials on top right, click on "Hello XXX" and go to "Your orders" section.

Find the order number you're looking for and click on "See details" to get more information:

  • Check the order status 
  • Check the order details: creation date, shipping and billing address, payment method chosen
  • Check each job details: features selected, estimated delivery date, preview of the file uploaded. These data may help you if you need to purchase the same product for future order!
  • Download the PDF invoice if you requested it during the purchase
  • Track the delivery once the goods are shipped

If your order is not completed yet you can:

  • Submit the payment by clicking on "Pay now" button
  • Check each job status and upload any missing file through the "Upload area"

If you still have any doubts, contact us: we'll be happy to help!

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