Promocode: how to use it

If you have a promocode, please pay attention to the disclaimer conditions:

  • The percentage
  • The product(s) on which it get applied
  • The delivery time included
  • Maximum value for each job
  • Maximum number of jobs:
    • All the jobs in one order
    • Jobs maximum number splitted into more orders
    • If the maximum job number has been exceeded the offer won't get applied on the additional jobs
  • The expiration date
  • The account on which you've received it

Remember to enter the promocode on the product page, before adding the product to the basket: you'll find the specific promocode box just after date and price information.


It's no more possible to add the promocode once the order is purchased.

Bear in mind to check:

  • If there's any space before or after the promocode
  • Follow the promocode format (upper and lowercase letters)

Please note that different promotions can't be cumulative and the last voucher inserted will be applied.

If you still have any doubts, please fill in the form or contact us by phone or chat. We'll be happy to help you!

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