Can I upload more than one file at a time?

We accept only one file for each item of your order.

If you need to buy the same product but to print different graphics, you will need to order multiple items, one for each file you want to print.

Remember that you can add up to 15 jobs to your cart: at the end of the purchase process you will be asked to upload one file at a time.

There is a new feature on Roll Labels  that allows you to print more graphics at once:

  • Select the "Want to print multiple artwork variants in the same order?" option at the end of the quote
  • Insert how many sets (up to 10)
  • Choose how many copies for each set (unless 100) and give a name
  • One file for each variant will be requested once in upload area
  • You will recieve one roll of labels per graphic
  • Please note that all the variants will have same size and material

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !

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