Create your file: use Designer

For many of our products we offer the possibility to create the artwork directly on the website using our Designer, the free tool that allows you to create your graphics and send them into production in just a few clicks.

  • Select the product desired with all the needed attributes
  • Under the table with date & prices find two options:
  1. "Create your file": you can create your artwork from scratch using the features available on the tool (text creation, images upload, backgrounds and patterns to insert) or start from one of the templates shared: if you need any help, start the online tour, check the dedicated page or reach out for our Customer support which will lead you for better use!
  2. "Customise a design": also for many products, you can choose through hundreds of free models: predefined deisgns that you can fully customise (dimensions, layout, color, adding text/pictures...) that can help you creating effective content! Set the industry and style/theme filters to easily find the design that best suits you.
  • In both options, you can get help from Artificial Intelligence: click on the "AI studio" icon and describe in detail the image you are looking for, providing as much information as possible, and you will get it!
  • Once your artwork is ready, check your creation and add it to the cart or send the file for printing if you have already placed the order
  • You can also use the tool just to upload your file and have a preview (even 3D) of the product you choose with your graphics

Please note that:

  • The file will be sent to production immediately without verification (unless you have requested the PRO File Check & Fix service)
  • There is no possibility to replace the creation after its confirmation
  • It is currently not possible to "save a draft" and get back later to carry on some modifications unless:
      • Keeping your creation by putting the product on the cart (after logging in)
      • Getting back later to the product and follow an edit without changing the quote
      • Opening again the Designer to update your creation draft
  • If you need the file created please contact our customer service to have it in PDF after the order is purchased (non-editable file)

If instead you would like help from our Designer team to edit or create your file, we're happy to offer you our Design Services: find here what you're looking for!

If you still need our help, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be here to help you!


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