How to use Designer Tool

Our Designer tool is easy to use, but you will also find a tutorial (by clicking on the "?" symbol in the top right-hand corner once the tool is open) that explains its different functions.

You can learn more about how Designer works also from the dedicated page.

Here is a short guide to the available tools of our Designer online:

  • "Designs" Choose from hundreds of graphics and then customise them with your own content

  • Images" allows you to:
      1. Upload or drag your images (jpg, png, gif, bpm, pdf)
      2. Search for an image you like among those available: just type a keyword in the search bar

  •  "AI studio" uses Artificial Intelligence to:
      1. Suggest a content via the "Get inspired" function
      2. Create the image you are looking for by providing a detailed description and clicking on "Generate"; if you don't like the first solution, continue clicking on the button to generate more content or change your description

  • Texts" enter your own content and customise:
      1. Font, font size, text settings
      2. Colour (click on the "+" to select a custom colour and save the colour code for future use) and transparency

  • Shapes"  choose a shape, colour it and place it wherever you want

  • "Backgrounds"  use one of the provided backgrounds
      1. Single-colour backgrounds (click on the '+' to select a custom colour and save the colour code for future use)
      2. Design provided by searching among the various themes

Once you have inserted your contents, move, rotate, duplicate or delete them as desired.

Refer to the guidelines (Trim area, Safe area, Fold line) to layout correctly.

For large format products over certain dimensions, yellow dotted lines may appear to divide the print area in several parts meaning that the product will be divided up into multiple panels.

If your product is front and back printed or if the graphic is split in to two tables, remember to customise both tables: in the bar below the graphic and on the right, you will find the possibility to move between table 01 and table 02.

In the bar below you will also find the zoom and the settings that allow you to leave the guidelines (Surface labels) and dimensions (Artboard size) visible or not.

A 3D preview is also available for some products: use it to check your graphic layout.

Once you have completed your project:

  • Click on "Continue" at the top right
  • Check the preview for quality and layout of your content
  • Click on "Add to Basket" to proceed or on "Edit your files" at the top left to go back.
  • Remember that once you have confirmed your order, you cannot replace the file
  • If you want PDF copy (not editable) of your creation please write to our Customer Service with your order number and we will send it to you.

If you still have any doubts, please contact us. We'll be happy to help !


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